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Daily Specials

(starting at 5:00pm. Lunch and Daily Specials are not available during Holidays.)

Monday   closed

Tuesday  Buffalo Wings - € 0,85 per wing
                  Two for one Margaritas - € 4,30

Wednesday All you can eat BBQ Ribs ... € 10,90
                       Long Island Iced Tea ... € 3,90

Thursday Hard shell Tacos ... € 0,95 each
                    Cantina Iced Tea ... € 3,55

Friday Caipirinha Drink ... € 3,00

Saturday and Sunday
Kiddie Lunch between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.
Kids under 12 get a FREE Kiddie Drink!

Havana Libre Drink ... € 2,95

Try our NEW Lunch Special "El Deal-o" every day 2 diferent choices including drink and chips & salsa for only € 6,95

Ask to your waitress for the Cantina Family Card and get 50% off and all kids items Saturday from 11am till 5pm, and Sunday and Monday all day.


Sirlion Staek à la Chili
Tender Sirlion Steak prepared in a home-made spicy chili sauce, with side orders...€ 16,95
Mediterranean Whitefish
Fresh Seabream, grilled and brushed with Olive Oil and Lemon. Served with side orders...€ 15,95
Baltic Wels "Catfish" Filet à la Whitewinesauce
Freshly grilled in a testy whitewine sause. With side orders...€9,75
Enchiladas de Chile Chipotle
Two Corn tortillas rolled with meet-fillings of your chice, coocked in a spicy, delicious home-made Chile Chipotle (neverthless, one of the most popular chiles in the mexican Cuisine, which inherits a unique flavor through the smoked-process) sauce, served with Rice and Beans...€ 8,95
Pollo con Mole y Arroz
Tender shredded chicken strips smothered in Mole sauce, served with rice...€ 8,75
Enchiladas de Mole Poblano
Two chicken enchiladas with Mole sauce, served with rice and beans...€ 10,15
Tamales Poblanos
Two Tamales-Corn wheat with shredded Beef or Chicken steamed in Corn-huusks-with sour cream and guacamole served with rice and beens...€ 8,30
Burrito Dulce
Sweet Burrito-Frech, home made Appletort...€ 3,40
Margaritas and Daquiris NEW RECEIPE!!!!

"Mariachi Viva Mexico"


El Sombrero