Antojitos Mexicanos

Antojitos Mexicanos

The art of cooking with cornmmeal comes from latin america,. the tamales are the mexican creation on of such art.

Tamales Poblano

Corn-flour magically made in to a dough. Two tamales, filled with shredded Beef or Chicken cooked in chili sauce, wrapped up in Corn Asks than steamed. With sour cream and Guacamole. Served with mexican rice and beans.
€ 12,30

Tamal de Cerdo

Our signature masa prepared by our Mexican Chef, filled with seasoned pork and infused with our amazing red chilies sauce.
€ 5,30

Jalapeno Relleno

Don´t leave without trying this magnificent recipe, created for us by our Mexican Chef. Fresh jalapeños filled with your choice of chicken or ground beef (with a touch of raisins) cooked in our delicious jitomato sauce.
€ 4,60

Dos Poblanos Rellenos

Two Chile Poblano, one filled with Chorizo and diced potatoes and the other with ground beef. Served with mexican rice and beans.
€ 11,80


Panucho de Cochinita Pibil

Have a taste of our home-made tortilla, topped with our exquisite marinated shredded pork and our famous refried beans with fresh lettuce, accompanied with our amazing habanero sauce.
€ 4,50

Bocol de Tinga

Even if you´re not a vegetarian, this incredible recipe created for the Cantina, is prepared with our homemade tortilla filled with our delicious refried beans and topped with our signature vegetarian Tinga (Specialty with smoked spicy chilies prepared with fresh tomatoes, cauliflower and carrots).
€ 4,60



  • Mexico Lindo

    Combination of 3 items: Tamal de Cerdo, Jalapeño Relleno, Panuchode Cochinita Pibil. With sour cream and Guacamole. Served with mexican rice and beans.
    € 16,90