Combinaciones à la Carta

Combinaciones à la Carta

Meat filling choices include ground beef. shredded beef or spicy chicken o vegetatarian.


Crisp corn tortilla filled with your choice of meat and then topped with tomatoes, onions, iceberg lettuce and cheese.
€ 3,10


Rolled corn tortilla with your choice of cheese, cheese and onion or meat filling. Covered with enchilada sauce and shredded cheese.
€ 3,30

Burrito Pequeño

A 6“ flour tortilla with beans, your choice of meat filling, cheese and capped with lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and salsa.

€ 5,60


A flat, crispy corn tortilla layered with refried beans, ground beef, onions, iceberg lettuce, shredded cheese and tomatoes.
€ 5,10

Chile Relleno

A mild, whole green chili stuffed with cheese and baked in egg batter. Garnished with Mexican salsa, lettuce and tomatoes.
€ 3,95


Spicy chicken wrapped in a corn tortilla, deep fried and served on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes and sour cream.

€ 3,85

  • Combos

    Create your favorite Cantina Combination from the á la carte items! All ‚Combos‘ include mexican rice and refried beans.

    Combo 1 - Your choice of one item .......... € 6,95

    Combo 2 - Your choice of two items .......... € 9,65

    Combo 3 - Your choice of three items .......... € 12,65

    Combo 4 - Your choice of four items .......... € 15,65

    Taco Stuffer

    Hungry? Then these 8 Tacos with your choice of meat filling will take care of it!

    € 17,80