Frijoles con Chips

Dip your tortilla chips into this spicy bean dip sprinkled with shredded cheese and fresh chopped onions.
€ 4,90

Guacamole con Chips

Our own special blend of avocados, tomatoes, onions and spices. Served with a basket of tortilla chips.
€ 5,80


Tortilla chips smothered in melted cheese - topped with your choice of mild chilis or spicy jalapeños.
2 Persons ............ € 7,95

3-4 Persons ............. € 13,20


Finger Tacos! Crispy, rolled corn tortillas filled with our spicy chicken and served with salsa.

2 Persons ............ € 6,90

3-4 Persons ............ € 12,90


Two large flour Tortillas with cheese in betwen an grilled untill it melts. Served with salsa.

€ 7,85

Chips & Salsa

A basket of tortilla chips served with mild Mexican salsa with free refills.
€ 3,00

Chili con Queso

Green chilis, tomatoes, onions and sour cream combined into a melted cheese mixture - served with a basket of chips
Large € 5,90 - Small € 3,80

Nachos Supreme

A mound of tortilla chips covered with melted cheese, ground beef, bell peppers, fresh onions and topped with mild chilis or jalapeños - and the mild Mexican salsa.

2 Persons .......... € 9,95

3-4 Persons ......... € 17,85

Rollos Mamasitas

Ground Beef, home-made Chili con Queso, fresh tomatoes, chopped Onions and Salsa Verde rolled in a large flour Tortilla and grilled to perfection.

€ 4,95

Jalapeno Relleno

Don´t leave without trying this magnificent recipe, created for us by our Mexican Chef. Fresh jalapeños filled with your choice of chicken or ground beef (with a touch of raisins) cooked in our delicious jitomato sauce.

€ 4,60


Corn-flour magically made in to a dough. Filled with shredded beef or chicken cooked in chili sauce, wrapped up in Corn Asks than steamed. With sour cream and Guacamole.

€ 4,80

  • Appetizer Sampling

    A sampling of home-made Dips - Chili con Queso,
    Guacamole, and Frijoles with chips and salsa.

    € 7,90

    Buffalo Wings

    This HOT dish comes with the Cantina‘s own spicy, barbeque sauces or the original Buffalo Style.

    Served with celery and carrot sticks - and Ranch dressing for dipping!

    Small Portion (4 pcs.) ..... € 5,80 

    Large Portion (8 pcs.) ..... € 10,30

    King Wings (10 pcs.) .....€ 12,50

    Thursday nites

    2-4-1 Coronas

    € 4,00

    Tuesday nites

    2-4-1 Magaritas

    € 4,60